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East Sussex County Council, 2013

An election will be held on 2 May 2013 for East Sussex County Council.

Division Candidates

Eastbourne Borough

Party Candidate
Independent Keith Gell
UKIP Bob Lacey
Conservative Colin Murdoch
Labour Gerry Stonestreet
Lib Dems Steve Wallis

Hampden Park
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Mike Blanch
UKIP Paul Brown
Conservative Simon Howe
Labour Paul Richards

Party Candidate
Labour Lee Comfort
Conservative Gordon Jenkins
UKIP Diane Kefallinos
Lib Dems Alan Shuttleworth

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Linda Beckmann
Green Dorothy Forsyth
Labour Dennis Scard
Conservative Barry Taylor
UKIP Alan Thornton

Old Town
Party Candidate
Conservative Anne Angel
UKIP David Greaves
Labour Sarah Richards
Lib Dems John Ungar

Party Candidate
Conservative Colin Belsey
Labour Anne Grigg
UKIP Roger Stagnell
Lib Dems Neil Stanley
Green Ann Sterenberg

Party Candidate
Conservative David Elkin
Labour Richard Goude
UKIP Robert Harper
Lib Dems Steve Holt

St. Anthony's
Party Candidate
Labour Ian Culshaw
Green Hugh Norris
Lib Dems David Tutt
Conservative Patrick Warner
UKIP Christine Woodley

Party Candidate
Conservative Tom Liddiard
Labour Matthew Quanstrom
Lib Dems Pat Rodohan
UKIP Amanda Sheehan

Hastings Borough

Ashdown and Conquest
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Paul Burton
Labour Stuart Murphy
Conservative Peter Pragnell
UKIP Doug Thorogood

Baird and Ore
Party Candidate
Conservative Liam Atkins
Green Will Davis
Lib Dems Kate Tudgay
UKIP Paul Willard
Labour Michael Wincott

Braybrooke and Castle
Party Candidate
Labour Godfrey Daniel
Green Maya Evans
UKIP Jay Lavender
Conservative Matthew Lock
Lib Dems Stewart Rayment

Central St. Leonards and Gensing
Party Candidate
Green Maresa Bossano
Lib Dems Graham Hopgood
UKIP Michael McIver
Conservative John Waterfall
Labour Trevor Webb

Hollington and Wishing Tree
Party Candidate
Conservative Nigel Barry
Lib Dems Vanessa Burton
UKIP Ken Pankhurst
Labour Phil Scott

Maze Hill and West St. Leonards
Party Candidate
Green Sarah Evans
Labour Kim Forward
UKIP Markham Jary
Conservative Rob Lee
Lib Dems Sue Tait

Old Hastings and Tressell
Party Candidate
Labour Jeremy Birch
Lib Dems Christopher Dodwell
Conservative Sally-Ann Hart
Green Sally Phillips
UKIP Peter Wallace

St. Helens and Silverhill
Party Candidate
Green David Carey-Stuart
Labour John Hodges
Conservative Matthew Lock
Lib Dems Paul Smith
UKIP Kara Willard

Lewes District

Party Candidate
Labour George Adsett-Knutsen
UKIP Tam Large
Green Alex Leutchford
Lib Dems Sarah Osborne
Conservative Jim Sheppard

Party Candidate
Independent Ruth O'Keeffe
Lib Dems Michael Chartier
Conservative Jim Sheppard
Green Susan Murray
Labour Jonathan Spencer
UKIP Paul Hartfield

Newhaven and Ouse Valley West
Party Candidate
Conservative Tony Bradbury
Lib Dems Carla Butler
UKIP George Cork
Green Ashley Price
Labour Jan Woodling

Ouse Valley East
Party Candidate
UKIP Peter Charlton
Green Johnny Denis
Independent Roger Foxwell
Labour Trevor Hopper
Conservative Robbie Robertson
Lib Dems Steve Saunders

Peacehaven and Telscombe Towns (2 seats)
Party Candidate
UKIP Ian Buchanan
Labour Co-Op John Carden
UKIP Phil Howson
Conservative John Livings
Green Keith Rapley
Labour Co-Op Christine Robinson
Green Adrian Ross
Conservative Andy Smith

Ringmer and Lewes Bridge
Party Candidate
Labour Louis Blair
Independent Matt Kent
Green Susan Murray
Lib Dems Rosalyn St. Pierre
Conservative Richard Turner
UKIP Ian Wilson

Seaford Blatchington
Party Candidate
Conservative Paul Franklin
Lib Dems Carolyn Lambert
Green Roger Murray
UKIP Jeffrey Titford
Labour Agnes Wheeler

Seaford Sutton
Party Candidate
Conservative Sam Adeniji
Green Patti Broome
UKIP Frank Carstairs
Labour Peter Hambly
Lib Dems Eleas Hussain

Rother District

Battle and Crowhurst
Party Candidate
Conservative Pam Doodes
Lib Dems Kathryn Field
UKIP Tom Foy
Labour Tim MacPherson

Bexhill East
Party Candidate
UKIP Geoffrey Bastin
Lib Dems Vivienne Bond
Independent Charles Clark
Labour Philipa Coughlan
Conservative Martin Kenward

Bexhill King Offa (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Labour Alan Bearne
UKIP Yvonne Clout
Labour Paul Courtel
Independent Andrew Crotty
Lib Dems Tracy Dixon
Conservative Michael Ensor
Conservative Joy Hughes
Independent Yolanda Laybourne
UKIP Michael Phillips
Lib Dems Stuart Wood

Bexhill West
Party Candidate
Labour Yvonne Cleland
Independent Earl Stuart
Conservative Nicholad Hollingsworth
UKIP Alf Lovell
Lib Dems John Zipperlen

Brede Valley and Marsham
Party Candidate
Labour Jonathan Lee
Lib Dems Chris Lewcock
Conservative Carl Maynard
UKIP Cliff Stokes

Northern Rother
Party Candidate
Conservative Angharad Davies
UKIP Trevor Gooding
Lib Dems Sue Prochak

Rother North West
Party Candidate
Conservative John Barnes
Lib Dems Steve Barrass
Labour Christopher Husbands
Green Don Nicholls
UKIP Tony Smith

Rye and Eastern Rother
Party Candidate
Conservative Keith Glazier
Lib Dems Peter Hillier-Palmer
UKIP Michael McKenzie
Labour Nick Warren

Wealden District

Alfriston, East Hoathly and Hellingly
Party Candidate
Conservative Nick Bennett
UKIP Dan Docker
Labour Tom Serpell
Lib Dems Andy Watkins

Buxted Maresfield
Party Candidate
Conservative Roy Galley
Labour Bruce Meredeen
UKIP Tony Robards
Lib Dems Martha Whittle

Crowborough (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Labour Brendan Clegg
UKIP Anna-Marie Crampton
UKIP Sonia Finch
Independent Stephen Isted
Lib Dems Beverley Johnstone
Green Scott Mason
Labour Dave Neeves
Lib Dems David Shaw
Conservative Richard Stogdon
Conservative Sylvia Tidy

Forest Row
Party Candidate
UKIP Peter Griffiths
Labour Kevin O'Sullivan
Green Keith Obbard
Lib Dems Chris Rycroft
Conservative Francis Whetstone

Framfield and Horam
Party Candidate
Conservative Christopher Dowling
Lib Dems Michael Harker
Labour Elisabeth Rumbold
UKIP Graham Shevill

Hailsham and Herstmonceux (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Conservative Bill Bentley
Labour Steven Cross
Lib Dems Paul Holbrook
UKIP Laurence Keeley
Labour Roger McCarthy
Lib Dems Graham Morgan
Conservative Roger Thomas
UKIP David Younge

Party Candidate
Labour Craig Austen-White
Lib Dems Jim Benson
UKIP Julie Docker
Conservative Rupert Simmons

Pevensey and Westham
Party Candidate
Conservative Tony Freebody
Lib Dems Rachel Hills
UKIP Mike Pursglove
Labour Robert Slater

Polegate, Willingdon and East Dean (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Don Broadbent
UKIP Bernie Goodwin
UKIP Maureen Goodwin
Labour Alex Mthobi
Conservative Douglas Murray
Conservative Simon Popek
Independent Daniel Shing
Independent Stephen Shing
Lib Dems Rob Slater

Party Candidate
Conservative Claire Dowling
Labour Christopher Horlock
UKIP Mike Mayo
Lib Dems Paul Sparks

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Gavin Barrass
Labour Felicity Harvest
Green Jonathan Kent
Conservative Bob Standley

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