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Shropshire Council, 2013

An election will be held on 2 May 2013 for Shropshire Council.

Division Candidates

Party Candidate
Green John Brown
Conservative Maria Felton
Lib Dems Hannah Fraser
Labour Paul Morris
UKIP Jenny Price

Party Candidate
Independent David Beechey
Green Phil Harrison
Conservative Malcolm Pate
UKIP Barry Smith
Labour Deborah Williams-Ruth

Alveley and Claverley
Party Candidate
UKIP Vanessa Lee
Lib Dems Colin Taylor
Conservative Tina Woodward

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Beverley Baker
Conservative Dean Carroll
Green Kayleigh Gough
Labour Co-Op Ashley Vaughan-Evans

Party Candidate
Labour Co-Op Connor Jones
Conservative Malcolm Price

Bayston Hill, Column and Sutton (3 seats)
Party Candidate
Labour Ted Clarke
Conservative Will Coles
Lib Dems Robert Lea
UKIP Terrence Lee
Conservative Chris Lewis
Labour Jane MacKenzie
Conservative Tim Milsom
Labour Jon Tandy

Belle Vue
Party Candidate
Conservative Valerie Jones
Labour Mansel Williams

Bishop's Castle
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Charlotte Barnes
Conservative Jimmy Garnier
Green Hilary Wendt

Party Candidate
Conservative Peter Adams
Labour Co-Op Danny Sweeney

Bridgnorth East and Astley Abbotts (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Glynis Frater
Conservative Christian Lea
Conservative William Parr
UKIP Adrian Thomas
Lib Dems Vanessa Voysey
UKIP Sam Whitehouse

Bridgnorth West and Tasley (2 seats)
Party Candidate
UKIP Rod Evans
UKIP Roger Hipkiss
Lib Dems Helen Howell
Conservative John Hurst-Knight
Lib Dems David Walker
Conservative Les Winwood

Party Candidate
UKIP Derek Armstrong
Conservative Colin Cundy
Labour Jean Jones

Brown Clee
Party Candidate
UKIP Stephen Dean
Independent George Lee
Conservative Robert Tindall

Party Candidate
Conservative Tim Barker
Lib Dems Kate King

Castlefields and Ditherington
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Janine Clarke
Conservative Jenny Hodges
Labour Alan Mosley

Party Candidate
Conservative Andrew Davies
Labour Mark Williams

Chirbury and Worthen
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Heather Kidd
Conservative Andrew Sayer

Church Stretton and Craven Arms (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Conservative Lee Chapman
Lib Dems Anne Dyer
Conservative David Evans
Labour Jean Kingdon
Labour Michael Penn
Lib Dems Bob Welch

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Richard Huffer
Labour Sam Mann
Conservative James Wheeler

Cleobury Mortimer (2 seats)
Party Candidate
UKIP Maurice Alton
Conservative Gwilym Butler
Independent Peter Martin
Health Concern Madge Shineton

Party Candidate
UKIP Deborah Brownlee
Lib Dems Nigel Hartin
Green Janet Phillips
Conservative Jackie Williams

Party Candidate
Labour Mark Jones
Conservative Peter Nutting
UKIP John Price
Lib Dems Trudy Smith

Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Cecilia Motley Unopposed

Ellesmere Urban
Party Candidate
Conservative Ann Hartley
Lib Dems Brian Knight

Gobowen, Selattyn and Weston Rhyn (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Independent Paul Jones
Conservative David Lloyd
Conservative Robert Macey

Party Candidate
Labour Vernon Bushell
Conservative Phil Sandford

Party Candidate
UKIP Paul Brown
Independent Dave Tremellen
Lib Dems David Voysey

Party Candidate
Conservative Karen Calder
UKIP Andrew Carter

Party Candidate
UKIP John Adlington
Conservative Arthur Walpole

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Roger Evans
Labour Co-Op Mohan Jones
UKIP Ian Minshall
Conservative Dan Morris

Party Candidate
Conservative David Roberts
Lib Dems Fred Smith

Ludlow East
Party Candidate
Green Imogen Herford
Lib Dems Tracey Huffer
Conservative Diane Lyle
Labour Colin Sheward

Ludlow North
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Andy Boddington
Labour James Hooper
Independent Jennifer Leyton-Purrier
Green Frances Newman
Conservative Rosanna Taylor-Smith
UKIP Chris Woodward

Ludlow South
Party Candidate
UKIP Maurice Knott
Lib Dems Vivienne Parry
Independent Graeme Perks
Conservative Martin Taylor-Smith

Market Drayton East
Party Candidate
Independent Roy Aldcroft
Conservative John Cadwallader
Labour Darren Taylor
Independent Roy Tydeman

Market Drayton West (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Labour Rob Bentley
UKIP Steve Glover
Conservative Roger Hughes
Conservative David Minnery
BNP Phil Reddall
Labour Val Taylor

Party Candidate
Labour Co-Op David French
Lib Dems Margaret Hamer
Conservative Michael Owen

Party Candidate
Conservative Tony Durnell
Labour Pam Moseley
Lib Dems Grant Pennington

Much Wenlock
Party Candidate
Independent Lesley Durbin
Independent David Gibbon
Independent Phil Hipkiss
Independent Malcolm MacIntyre-Read
Conservative David Turner
Lib Dems Joff Watson

Oswestry East (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Conservative Martin Bennett
Independent Peter Cherrington
Labour Graeme Currie
BNP Angus Matthys
Conservative Chris Schofield

Oswestry South
Party Candidate
Conservative Keith Barrow
UKIP Penny Cotton
Lib Dems Romer Hoseason
Green Duncan Kerr

Oswestry West
Party Candidate
Conservative Vince Hunt
BNP Jennifer Matthys

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Anne Chebsey
Labour Amy Liebich
Conservative Judie McCoy
Green Alan Whittaker

Party Candidate
UKIP Robert Irvine-List
Conservative Paul Wynn

Quarry and Coton Hill
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Andrew Bannerman
Conservative Carol Foster
Labour Co-Op John Lewis

Party Candidate
Labour Jeanette Petherbridge
Conservative Keith Roberts
Lib Dems Christine Tinker

Rea Valley
Party Candidate
Conservative Tudor Bebb
Labour Co-Op Joe Crosland
Lib Dems David Ellams
UKIP Peter Lewis

Ruyton and Baschurch
Party Candidate
Conservative Nicholas Bardsley
Labour Netty Brook
UKIP Jonathan Carr
Lib Dems Colin Case

Severn Valley
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Rob Harper
Labour Co-Op Jeevan Jones
Conservative Claire Wild

Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Simon Jones Unopposed

Shifnal North
Party Candidate
UKIP Richard Choudhary
Independent John Horne
Conservative Gordon Tonkinson
Independent Kevin Turley

Shifnal South and Cosford
Party Candidate
UKIP Andrew Mitchell
Conservative Stuart West

St. Martins
Party Candidate
Conservative Steve Davenport
Independent Neil Graham
Labour Hannah Guntrip

St. Oswald
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Joyce Barrow Unopposed

Party Candidate
Conservative Karen Burgoyne
BNP Karl Foulkes
Labour Kevin Pardy

Party Candidate
Labour Co-Op Kathryn Brooke
Conservative John Everall
Lib Dems Helen Woodman

The Meres
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Brian Williams Unopposed

Party Candidate
UKIP Jan Allmark
Labour Co-Op Sue Batchelor
Lib Dems Miles Kenny
Conservative Robert Osborne

Wem (2 seats)
Party Candidate
Conservative Peter Broomhall
BNP Ian Deakin
Independent Pauline Dee
Lib Dems Christopher Mellings

Whitchurch North (2 seats)
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Thomas Biggins Unopposed
Conservative Peggy Mullock Unopposed

Whitchurch South
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Gerald Dakin Unopposed

Party Candidate
UKIP David Baynham
Conservative Steve Charmley

Party Candidate
UKIP Brian Seymour
Conservative Michael Wood

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