Wiltshire Council, 2013

An election will be held on 2 May 2013 for Wiltshire Council.

Division Candidates

Aldbourne and Ramsbury
Party Candidate
Independent Chris Humphries
Conservative James Sheppard

Alderbury and Whiteparish
Party Candidate
Conservative Richard Britton
Labour Mark Riches
UKIP Judith Wykeham

Amesbury East
Party Candidate
Labour Sharon Jones
Conservative John Noeken
UKIP Jim Pitt

Amesbury West
Party Candidate
Labour Ian Lamberth
UKIP John Swindlehurst
Conservative Fred Westmoreland
Independent Andrew Williams

Bourne and Woodford Valley
Party Candidate
Labour Ronald Champion
Conservative Mike Hewitt

Box and Colerne
Party Candidate
Independent Phillip Chamberlain
Lib Dems Brian Mathew
Conservative Sheila Parker
Labour Stephen Wheeler

Bradford-on-Avon North
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Rosemary Brown
Conservative Gladys MacRae
Green David McQueen
UKIP Benjamin Parker
Labour Steve Reckless

Bradford-on-Avon South
Party Candidate
UKIP Leonard Drew
Conservative Tom Hall
Labour Rosie MacGregor
Lib Dems Ian Thorn

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Frances Goldstone
Conservative Toby Sturgis
UKIP Barry Telling
Labour Ian Wyllie

Bromham Rowde and Potterne
Party Candidate
Conservative Liz Bryant
UKIP Tony Molland

Bulford Allington and Figheldean
Party Candidate
Independent Martin Lee
UKIP Derek Rumsey
Conservative John Smale

Burbage and The Bedwyns
Party Candidate
Labour Ffinlo Costain
Conservative Stuart Wheeler

By Brook
Party Candidate
UKIP Stuart Eels
Lib Dems Mary Finch
Conservative Jane Scott

Calne Central
Party Candidate
Conservative Charles Boase
UKIP Doran Davies
Lib Dems Howard Marshall

Calne Chilvester and Abberd
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Robert MacNaughton
UKIP Julia Reid
Conservative Anthony Trotman

Calne North
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Glenis Ansell
Conservative David Conway
UKIP Nigel Gilbert

Calne Rural
Party Candidate
Independent Richard Broadhead
Conservative Christine Crisp
Lib Dems Ross Henning
UKIP Alastair Muir

Calne South and Cherhill
Party Candidate
UKIP Robert Freegard
Conservative Alan Hill
Lib Dems Susan Tabor

Chippenham Cepen Park and Derriads
Party Candidate
Labour David Barter
UKIP Vince Baseley
Lib Dems Simon Fisher
Conservative Peter Hutton

Chippenham Cepen Park and Redlands
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Joshua Howells
Labour Maureen Lloyd
UKIP Allan Massie
Conservative Nina Phillips

Chippenham Hardenhuish
Party Candidate
Conservative David Lenderyou
UKIP Nigel Linacre
Labour Harry Thompson
Independent Melody Thompson
Lib Dems Nick Watts

Chippenham Hardens and England
Party Candidate
UKIP Leigh Coldwell
Labour Jeremy Comerford
Lib Dems Bill Douglas
Conservative Robert Giles

Chippenham Lowden and Rowden
Party Candidate
UKIP John Clifford
Lib Dems Linda Packard
Conservative John Phillips
Independent Sandie Webb
Labour Nancy Webber

Chippenham Monkton
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Chris Caswill
UKIP Henry Collier
Labour Benjamin Lawrence
Conservative Bill Winn

Chippenham Pewsham
Party Candidate
Conservative Teresa Hutton
Labour Simon Jones
UKIP Andrew Meredith
Lib Dems Mark Packard

Chippenham Queens and Sheldon
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Desna Allen
Labour Graham Gee
Conservative Edward Gillams
UKIP Jack Hosken

Corsham Pickwick
Party Candidate
Labour Steve Abbott
UKIP Richard Crowder
Conservative Alan MacRae
Lib Dems Neil Pocock

Corsham Town
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Anne Lock
Labour Mike Perry
UKIP Peter Sparks
Conservative Philip Whalley

Corsham Without and Box Hill
Party Candidate
Labour Hilary Foord
UKIP Michael Thomas
Conservative Dick Tonge
Lib Dems June Yeatman

Cricklade and Latton
Party Candidate
Conservative Peter Colmer
Lib Dems Bob Jones

Devizes and Roundway South
Party Candidate
Labour Amanda Hopgood
Independent Ian Hopkins
Conservative Simon Jacobs
Devizes Guardians Jeff Ody
Lib Dems Jasper Selwyn

Devizes East
Party Candidate
Devizes Guardians Jane Burton
Conservative Peter Evans
Labour Noel Woolrych

Devizes North
Party Candidate
Labour Susan Buxton
Devizes Guardians Nigel Carter
Conservative Sue Evans

Downton and Ebble Valley
Party Candidate
Conservative Julian Johnson
UKIP Ray Martin

Durrington and Larkhill
Party Candidate
Conservative Beth Spencer
Lib Dems Graham Wright

Party Candidate
Conservative Linda Conley
Lib Dems Maurice Flanagan
Labour Janet Snooks

Fovant and Chalke Valley
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Jose Green Unopposed

Party Candidate
Independent Ernie Clark
Labour Nicholas Harding
Conservative Christopher McKell

Holt and Staverton
Party Candidate
UKIP Geoffrey Cannell
Lib Dems Trevor Carbin
Conservative Robert Floyd
Labour Becky Harrison

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Matthew Bragg
Conservative Howard Greenman
UKIP John Knight

Laverstock Ford and Old Sarum
Party Candidate
Labour Ian McLennan
Conservative Robert Price-Powell

Ludgershall and Perham Down
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Vince Hunt Unopposed

Party Candidate
Conservative Allison Bucknell
UKIP Roger Luffman
Lib Dems John Webb

Party Candidate
UKIP Bill Blake
Lib Dems Simon Killane
Conservative Ray Sanderson
Labour David Wallington

Marlborough East
Party Candidate
Labour Alan Cox
Conservative Stewart Dobson
Independent Peggy Dow
Independent Nigel Kerton
Lib Dems Susan Knowles

Marlborough West
Party Candidate
Conservative Noel Barrett-Morton
Independent John Fogg
Labour Pauline Lively

Melksham Central
Party Candidate
Conservative Claire Forgacs
Lib Dems Steve Petty
UKIP David Pollitt
Labour Ian Tait

Melksham North
Party Candidate
Conservative Ben Anderson
Lib Dems Pat Aves
Independent Christopher Petty
UKIP Michael Taylor
Labour Margaret White

Melksham South
Party Candidate
Conservative Philip Alford
UKIP Rod Eaton
Lib Dems Jon Hubbard
Labour Anna Keen

Melksham Without North
Party Candidate
Independent Terry Chivers
Conservative Mark Griffiths
Labour Julie Lawrence
UKIP Caroline Stephens

Melksham Without South
Party Candidate
UKIP Paul Carter
Labour Sian McLaughlin
Lib Dems Terri Welch
Conservative Roy While

Party Candidate
UKIP Patricia Barter
Conservative Richard Beattie
Independent George Jeans

Party Candidate
Conservative Chuck Berry
Labour Jane Fletcher
Lib Dems Jenny Stratton
UKIP Tim Wadsworth

Nadder and East Knoyle
Party Candidate
UKIP Tim Barter
Labour John Jordan
Conservative Bridget Wayman

Party Candidate
Labour Yvonne Bradbury
Conservative Jeremy Kunkler

Pewsey Vale
Party Candidate
Labour Fritha Costain
Lib Dems Fiona Hornby
Conservative Paul Oatway

Party Candidate
Independent Geoffrey Greenaway
Conservative Jacqui Lay

Redlynch and Landford
Party Candidate
UKIP Ivor Bleaney
Labour Lindley Owen
Conservative Leo Randall

Party Candidate
Devizes Guardians Andy Geddes
Conservative Laura Mayes
Labour James Thorpe

Royal Wootton Bassett East
Party Candidate
Conservative Mollie Groom
Lib Dems Stephen Walls

Royal Wootton Bassett North
Party Candidate
Conservative Mary Champion
Lib Dems Marion Sweet
UKIP Rosemary Webb

Royal Wootton Bassett South
Party Candidate
Conservative Peter Doyle
Lib Dems Christopher Hurst
Labour Frederick Price
UKIP Peter Smith

Salisbury Bemerton
Party Candidate
Conservative Laura Mason
UKIP Tony Morland
Labour Richard Rogers

Salisbury Fisherton and Bemerton Village
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Jo Broom
Conservative Chris Cochrane
Labour John Walsh

Salisbury Harnham
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Brian Dalton
Conservative John McGarry
Labour Clare Moody
UKIP Anthony von Roretz

Salisbury St. Edmund and Milford
Party Candidate
Conservative Glen D'Mello
Lib Dems Helena McKeown
UKIP Fiona McWilliam
Green Michael Pope
Labour Mark Timbrell

Salisbury St. Francis and Stratford
Party Candidate
Conservative Mary Douglas
Labour Angela Lawson
Lib Dems James Robertson
Green Sue Wright

Salisbury St. Marks and Bishopdown
Party Candidate
Conservative Bill Moss
Lib Dems Barrie Sinclair-Kemp
Labour Mark Wareham

Salisbury St. Martins and Cathedral
Party Candidate
Green Ken Black
Conservative John Brady
Lib Dems John Holt
UKIP Frances Howard
Labour Ian Tomes

Salisbury St. Pauls
Party Candidate
Conservative Richard Clewer
Labour Steven Fear
Green Benji Goehl
Independent Justin Smith
Lib Dems Robert Steel

Party Candidate
Labour Peter Baldrey
Lib Dems Marc Brown
Conservative John Thomson

Party Candidate
Lib Dems Christopher Beaver
Labour Andrew Hungerford
Independent Francis Morland
Conservative Horace Prickett

Summerham and Seend
Party Candidate
Conservative Jonathon Seed
UKIP Wendy Taylor

The Collingbournes and Netheravon
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Charles Howard Unopposed

The Lavingtons and Erlestoke
Party Candidate
Independent Mike Bridgeman
Conservative Richard Gamble
Labour David Wearn

Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Mark Connolly Unopposed

Till and Wylye Valley
Party Candidate
Conservative George Murray
Labour Annie Rutter
Lib Dems Ian West

Party Candidate
Conservative Tony Deane
UKIP Jeremy Hooper

Trowbridge Adcroft
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Nicholas Blakemore
Conservative Karl Hannaford
UKIP Peter Wilson

Trowbridge Central
Party Candidate
Conservative David Halik
Labour Shaun Henley
Lib Dems John Knight
UKIP Jean Wilson

Trowbridge Drynham
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Clive Blackmore
Conservative Graham Payne

Trowbridge Grove
Party Candidate
Independent Jeff Osborn
Conservative Geoffrey Whiffen

Trowbridge Lambrok
Party Candidate
Conservative Christopher Auckland
Independent Helen Osborn

Trowbridge Park
Party Candidate
Independent Dennis Drewett
Lib Dems Andrew Eberlin
Conservative Peter Fuller

Trowbridge Paxcroft
Party Candidate
Conservative Derek Coop
Lib Dems Steve Oldrieve

Urchfont and The Cannings
Party Candidate
UKIP Pat Bryant
Labour Colin Hopgood
Conservative Philip Whitehead

Warminster Broadway
Party Candidate
UKIP Matthew Brown
Conservative Keith Humphries

Warminster Copheap and Wylye
Party Candidate
UKIP Charlotte Mozley
Conservative Christopher Newbury

Warminster East
Party Candidate
UKIP Freda Anderson
Conservative Andrew Davis
Independent Paul MacDonald

Warminster West
Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Pip Ridout Unopposed

Warminster Without
Party Candidate
Conservative Fleur de Rhe Philipe
UKIP Andrew Mozley

West Selkley
Party Candidate
Labour Matthew lee
Conservative Jemima Milton

Westbury East
Party Candidate
Conservative Stephen Andrews
Independent Ian Cunningham
Lib Dems Gordon King
Independent David Tout

Westbury North
Party Candidate
Independent Sue Ezra
Lib Dems David Jenkins
Labour Michael Sutton
Conservative Em Underwood

Westbury West
Party Candidate
UKIP Carol Allen
Lib Dems Christine Chilcott
Conservative Katherine Fryer
Independent Russell Hawker
Labour Christine Mitchell
Independent Ian Taylor

Wilton and Lower Wylye Valley
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Peter Edge
Conservative Jain Giles
Labour Anthony Jocelyn

Winsley and Westwood
Party Candidate
Lib Dems Magnus MacDonald
Conservative Martin Newman
Independent Roger Rowe

Party Candidate Votes %
Conservative Christopher Devine Unopposed

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